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Marks Psychotherapy

We are only a witness to our past, but we are the MASTERS OF OUR PRESENT and the CREATORS OF OUR FUTURE

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Sometimes, the game of life can be a difficult and laborious struggle. In other periods, life can feel effortless and easy flowing. Life is the greatest game we partake in. When watching sports, we're drawn to the television because we connect with the innate drama of the event. The ups and downs of life are played out in front of our eyes in a condensed setting for a finite amount of time. We’re inspired by the possibilities that we see unfold in the arena. 
As a former Pac-12 wide receiver who landed a professional shot with the New York Jets, I can attest to the highs and lows and sheer human drama found in sports. But the simple fact is that life is much more expansive, much more mysterious, and much more difficult than any adversity that could come up on the playing field. Unlike sports, with it’s perfectly drawn parameters, clearly set rules and regulations, and the finality of a win or loss in the end, the arena of life lacks the symmetry we need to move through our daily experiences with a clear mind. In life, sometimes we lose sight of  our game plan. Sometimes we stray from the path, sometimes we get knocked out of bounds and there seems to be no one there to let us know the way back to the playing field.
In life as in sports, we need a practice field and a coach to help us assess our strengths and weaknesses, and cultivate a game plan to conquer the gridiron of life. The psychotherapeutic space is the practice field, the psychotherapist is the coach, and the opponent is you. Your inner opponent shows up in past traumas, adverse childhood experiences, fear and anxiety about the future, depression, shame, guilt, and negative thoughts and beliefs we hold about ourselves. I have dedicated myself to helping men and women find their elite level in the game of life. 
During our time together, we will work collaboratively to cultivate that game plan to help you once again become the star in your own story.

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2905 Stanford Ave. Unit A Marina Del Rey 90292

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