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The Process

The Therapeutic Process Explained

1. Consultation Call

The initial Consultation call is free. this is our first introduction and the beginnings of our therapeutic relationship. this is where you get a feel for me as a therapist and decide whether I am someone who fits your needs. You also have the option to tell me a little bit about what's bringing you in for therapy. The consultation call is usually 20-30 minutes.

2. Introductory Sessions

The introductory session is one of the more important moments in the therapeutic journey. this is where we begin to build our relationship in the room. For me as the therapist, this is where I begin to build my own understanding of your presenting issues through an understanding of your story and history. (2-4 Sessions)

3. Beginning Stages of Our Work

This stage of the therapeutic process is focused on creating the ideal therapeutic plan for you and your needs. we will work collaboratively to cultivate a plan for you to realize your goals at the end of our work together. (Number of sessions vary depending on how quickly we can get to where the issue resides)

4. Intervention Stage

During the Intervention stages of our work, we begin to put out plan into action in the room. This stage of our work is the longest in duration and makes up the bulk of the therapeutic timeline. (Number of sessions vary depending on the treatment plan and intervention)

5. Closing Down and Termination

during the final stage of therapy, we will evaluate our initial goals, and decide whether or not you feel that you have accomplished what you set out to do. if the answer is yes, we begin the process of exiting the therapeutic space and getting you back to your life. (2-4 Sessions)

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